EDUtainment: Entertainment in the K-12 Classroom

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Svencer, may be the answer for teachers looking to breathe new life into their classrooms. EDUtainment is a fun and cutting-edge teaching philosophy that showcases seventeen dynamic teaching strategies and tempting incentives paired with engaging memoirs and practical suggestions.

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The Growth of Edutainment and Entertainment Games in the Classroom

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EDUtainment: Entertainment in the K Classroom Paperback – November 19, Bryan D. Svencer is a 4th grade teacher at Lincoln Elementary in Emmaus, PA, where he has been practicing his EDUtainment philosophy since Start reading EDUtainment: Entertainment in the K EDUtainment: Entertainment in the K Classroom. likes. Engaging & Innovative | Memoirs and Strategies for the 21st Century Teacher!.

May be ex-library. Buy with confidence, excellent customer service!. To enhance the value of the computer game in a classroom setting, it is "important for teachers to have some kind of record of what each group has done during a session of gaming" McFarlane, pg. The games need to be able to record scores so they can be tracked of what has been achieved. Teachers have indicated the games most valued and successful are games which have a clear progression and adaptable for students of different abilities. The games must develop scenarios that challenge and engage children, rather than reproducing text books on the screen.

The report indicated some problems teachers faced with the use of computer games.

EDUtainment: Entertainment in the K-12 Classroom

Many teachers "found it hard to justify using resources whose value lay in thinking alone, however effective that resource might be at developing thinking skills" McFarlane, pg. Also, teachers found it difficult justifying the use of simulation or adventure games during school time because their content did not map the UK curriculum. McFarlane responded by suggesting if educational material could be built into the games then the games could be used in the classroom legitimately. Edutainment is also valuable at the high school level, where movies that take place during a certain era can be shown to help stimulate discussion and enhance the relevance of the material being covered.

Advanced in technology have taken participants from pressing to buttons on handheld controllers to using full motion and gestures, recognized by optical sensors. Where traditional controllers addressed development of fine motor skills and hand eye coordination, optical recognition opens the physical benefits to include gross motor skills.

Nintendo Wii , Playstation 3 Move and Kinect enabled XBox consoles are being used in physical education classes as well as by special education teachers to promote use of the whole body in a visually engaging, gaming way. Students who may not be able to leave the classroom for outdoor physical activities can now participate with their peers.

Profound mentally handicapped students who are in need of hand over hand assistance can now take part in activities that may have once been viewed as impossible. Edutainment is not exclusive to children and youth. It has become part of adult education techniques and workplace training. Adults are self-directed learners that want to participate in their learning process.

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They are motivated by escape and stimulation in order to relieve boredom and breaks in routine Leib, This has lead to the creation of edutaining workplace training. Simulations and training games allow adults to learn necessary workplace skills while being entertained. The K Academics website criticizes edutainment as it "emphasizes fun and enjoyment, often at the expense of educational content. It is also believed that the perceived lack of face-to-face interaction and collaborative learning of edutainment threatens normal socialization of students in a regular classroom.

Moreover, the uneven global availability of information technology required to access and run digital media leads to a digital divide.

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Wolfgang Nahrstedt was possibly the first to consider edutainment as a leisure activity, albeit doing so narrowly as an avenue leading to leisure education. This page has been accessed 94, times. Organic Agriculture- Preserving Ecosystem.. Okan, Z. The activity needs to remain one of choice for the gamer. Edutainment fills them up with self confidence and helps them to explore the world without being low on confidence.

It is imperative when using edutainment in the classroom, that there be a context as to why a student is playing a game or watching a performance, rather than merely for entertainment purposes. The edutainment experience should serve to reenforce and enhance concepts, rather than simply presenting them in a more appealing way. Students should be able to take their experiences with edutainment and use them to create new pathways to knowledge, further constructing their learning and building upon prior knowledge.

Technology continues to change at an exponential rate.

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As newer, faster, more advanced technology enters the retail marketplace, prices on earlier generation models decline, making these instruments more affordable than ever. This digital equipment is often far from outdated making it continually usable and at less of a cost to administrators and educators who might otherwise be reluctant to make purchases beyond budgets. Students who produce their own edutainment, in the form of movies, games, animated stories, and other creative efforts are able to voice their knowledge in ways beyond traditional pencil and paper forms of expression and assessment.

Students also have the advantage of knowing and appealing to their audience, when creating edutainment for their peers. Utilizing new pieces of technology, including recording equipment and editing software, give students the opportunity to learn new skills and technological literacy in addition to creating a deeper understanding of the subject they are creating their piece around. Calling upon their prior knowledge to create something new and foster a deeper understanding of a subject speaks to the constructivist view of learning.

Guide EDUtainment: Entertainment in the K Classroom

In terms of Language Learning, edutainment can take a much broader definition. Not only media designed to educate, but any piece of media which arouses interest or amusement in a learner should be considered edutainment for the purposes of language learning. Media exposure levels in the target language has been shown to be correlated with second language proficiency.

A study showed that although the Spanish educational system devotes more time to English language learning than the Icelandic system, Icelanders continually score higher on tests of English proficiency Ortega, ; this was attributed to greater exposure to English speaking media in Iceland. The media which learners are exposed to, may not have the intended purpose to teach many are designed to be pure entertainment , but have been shown to result in incidental language acquisition, particularly among children Kuppens, More research needs to be done to test the effects of media exposure on language learning.

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What is Edutainment? Stop Motion Animation by Rebecca Skucas.

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