Moment of Clarity

So, About That Moment Of Clarity You Experienced That One Time…
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The Moment of Clarity

Stephen Maki. Purchasable with gift card. Heart of the Wise Sword of the Spirit Word of Life Triumphant A Moment of Clarity Psalm 55 Tags aaron hedenstrom jazz modern creative jazz north texas avant garde jazz jazz and improvised music jazz saxophone modern jazz Minneapolis. Twin Cities based collective modern jazz label since These populations are and were all victims of the disease of war. The world needs to cure this disease. I'm an older guy.

Moment of Truth

I marched in the Vietnam War protests in San Francisco in the late 60's as a veteran of that war and a card carrying Hippie and remember the thrill of coming to the top of Geary Street and looking back and seeing , people sidewalk to sidewalk as far back up the street as you could see. The world and everything in it has become a commodity. There is no hope whatsoever of turning this abomination around. All we can do is change ourselves.

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The Moment of Clarity: Using the Human Sciences to Solve Your Toughest Business Problems

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This is the gift of hate -- and hate is, indeed, the gift that keeps on giving. We've since handed it on to other unwilling and undeserving recipients in Afghanistan and Iraq, and now they suffer with the gift too. It's still with us today, and we see it everywhere. Look at the self-hatred so many Americans still feel, ten years after the horrifying day of the World Trade Center and Pentagon attacks. This knot of rage, this tar baby, this glutinous mass -- it is still inside us, whether we like it or not Read more and add your thoughts 10 comments. Read more and add your thoughts 22 comments.

A historic new approach between USA and Cuba proves how dynamic our planet's future is, even with all the gloomy discouragement and disgruntlement that dominates our conversation. Read more and add your thoughts 20 comments. I've been trying to develop a theory on this blog -- a theory that I'm finding difficult to explain because the basic idea is so obvious that it barely merits the lofty term 'theory'.

And yet it must be a theory, because its implications are important, and stand in surprising contrast to the way we tend to think about global conflicts Read more and add your thoughts 17 comments. If you care about your personal privacy, and if you don't like the government snooping into your phone records and Internet activities, you ought to be a pacifist. The culture of militarism will never be consistent with a culture of privacy. Read more and add your thoughts 7 comments. Walking across the Gettysburg battlefield on the th anniversary of Pickett's Charge.

Read more and add your thoughts 2 comments.

Using The Human Sciences To Solve Your Toughest Business Problems

I was just drinking and smoking dope to get blottoed, and often would wake up to find myself covered in vomit. Simply browse for your screenshot using the form below. Let's go to a concert with a GOOD band. One of my fav TH milk stouts. Maybe it happened when you were a child, before the grownups had fully managed to teach you how to be crazy like them. See All. I was always good at denying I had a problem.

Does Noam Chomsky really believe that things have to get worse before we can have an anarcho-syndicalist society? Read more and add your thoughts 13 comments. The glorious rebirth of Lou Reed's musical career in , when he was 47 years old, is an inspiration not only to recovering addicts but also to fans of great music and lyrics. Read more and add your thoughts 12 comments.

Ingredients in The Moment of Clarity Cocktail

I asked you to send three images of Ukraine to fill a row of nine. Here are my choices. Read more and add your thoughts 4 comments. Suspicion, it turns out, is even more dangerous than hatred.

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Different ethnic groups can hate each other and still coexist in peace for centuries. It's only when they become suspicious of each other that genocides and atrocities occur. Read more and add your thoughts 3 comments. A surprising yet obvious realization: fear, not hatred, appears to be the root cause of history's worst atrocities and massacres and genocides.

We have become as superstitious about genocide as cave dwellers must have been about tornadoes and hurricanes. We seem it as a rare force of nature, bigger and stronger than us. We hope the monster never comes our way. If it ever does we plan to hide.

Ta-Nehisi Coates thinks violence is sometimes necessary to combat the evil of racism. How can a committed pacifist respond? Forget the noise. Despite the loud opposition, the peace agreement that will hopefully conclude this week is a great and historic step forward for every nation in the world. Do pacifists need to get tough? Yes, we need to get tough about the incredible stupidity of a popular proposed solution to the terrible problem of terrorism. Syndicate with RSS. Log in. Recent content Moment of Clarity.

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